Whether for immediate problems or complex organizational challenges, coaching and mentoring is one of the most effective ways forward.

The tricky part is finding the right coach.

Humanitarian leaders shouldn’t have to choose between a mentor with first-hand experience of the humanitarian sector and a top-level coach with great qualifications but little understanding of the humanitarian context. Let’s face it – without a deep understanding of what humanitarians live and breathe on a daily basis, any coaching or leadership training is ultimately a waste of time. As a humanitarian and a certified coach and leadership specialist, I bring these two worlds together to help you get results and ensure personal and professional fulfillment.

I’ve worked with humanitarian refugee and IDP emergencies for more than 15 years, managed relief operations in the deep field, and worked at senior levels in the headquarters of the United Nations and other humanitarian aid organizations. With experience in more than 20 countries, I understand the increasingly complex humanitarian context. I have developed leaders from the Foreign Service, the United Nations, (I)NGOs and the private sector, with clients ranging from those managing field operations in large-scale emergencies to those engaged in global level politics. My credentials come from one of the world’s top global leadership companies.

I first combined my commitment and passion for humanitarian work with my coaching expertise in a UN leadership programme. Encouraged by participant feedback that it was the best some had ever attended in their UN careers, I set up Leadership for Humanitarians, an independent entrepreneurial endeavor to develop “next generation” humanitarian leaders. Having successfully established this initiative, I have returned to what I love best: applying the latest science on learning, behavior and development towards helping you reach personal, professional and leadership excellence.

Are you ready to find out how I can help you transform your life?

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